From doing her sisters' hair as a kid, to choosing beauty as a career, Nisha Patel's journey has been truly remarkable. From a very young age, she was obsessed with beauty. So, she chose to study cosmetology. Her passion for hair and makeup led her to establish 'Cutting Edge-Salon and Spa' along with her partners in Illinois, Chicago.
She would work super hard, almost for 10-12 hours a day. It's her unending passion and tremendous hard work that led her here. 20 years down the lane, she has successfully established herself as one of the best in town. Her experience, love and focus has helped her make hundreds of women look more beautiful, and stand confidently with pride.
She has excelled amazingly as a hairstylist, makeup artist and salon expert. Her dreams don't end here. She aspires to learn more, do more and be more. She hopes to see every woman confident and beautiful because she thinks, every woman deserves to look good!